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Guest Post – 3 Simple Steps To Accomplish More This Week

This post is originally from Michael Voll, who serves as a pastor in Edmonton Alberta.  He also has a blog located at It’s a great article worth re-posting. Enjoy! On my desk sits a smooth, polished dark rock that has the word “Discipline” written on it. I didn’t happen upon this rock while strolling […]

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The Scariest Thing A Man Can Hear

Now I realize that with a title like that, you may not want to read this post.  But then again, maybe your curiosity is outweighing your foreboding so you are going to give it a try and hope for the best.  Well, before I get to the big reveal of what I think it is, […]

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Don’t Be A Leaf!

First off, this is not a post listing all the reasons you should want nothing to to with Toronto’s hockey team, though there are many and you really shouldn’t!  This post is reflects a thought I had this past week while we were on vacation in Mexico.  During our trip, we went to a place […]

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