MM Event – Fight Club

You may be asking yourself, “Does he really have a fight club at his church?”  The answer to that question is yes we do.  Now before you start thinking, “Isn’t that weird?” let me explain that it isn’t what you are thinking.  Our Fight Club night is an annual night we have where men break up into groups and engage in some good healthy competition.  There have never been any fistacuffs.  At least not yet anyway.

Our Fight Club nights are just an opportunity for the men in my church to get together, have a good time and compete in whatever crazy events I can come up with.  Sometimes guys just need to hang out and have some fun.  This is a night for exactly that.  The nights are surprisingly easy to come up with and provide a great chance for some male bonding.  As I mentioned before, we divide the guys into groups of 6-8 and the groups stay together for the course of the evening.  Points are awarded to each team after each competition based on performance.  The points are added up and the team with the most points at the end of the night gets prizes.  We have used gift cards from Tim Hortons or Starbucks as prizes.  Make the value of the gift cards around $5-10 a piece and watch how guys will start to take the whole thing a little more seriously.

So if you are thinking of having your own Fight Club, let me share some ideas.

  1. House Of Cards – We provide each team with two decks of cards.  They are given 15-20 minutes to build the tallest house of cards off their table using only their cards.  Houses must be standing without any support or help when measuring begins.  Obviously, the team with the tallest house wins and is awarded the most points.  Second highest house gets second place, etc.
  2. fight club 1

    A picture is worth a thousand words so here is a very thorough explanation.

    Tear It Up -Teams shoot rubber bands at toilet paper attached to an empty soda can. First team to break the toilet paper wins.  Fairly simple game.

  3. Tilt-A-Cup Catch – Each team is given 8 styrofoam cups and 8 ping pong balls.  One person (the catcher) takes all the cups stacked together and stands 10-15 feet away from the rest of the group.  The others toss their balls one at a time until the catcher catches a ball in the top cup.  Once he does this, he takes the bottom cup, puts it on top and works on catching the second ball.  The first team whose catcher catches all 8 balls (one in each cup) in his stack wins.  This is usually good for a few rounds while guys figure out and try different strategies.
  4. Word Rebuses – You have seen these in newspapers.  Click this link to see and download the PowerPoint of the rebuses.  Click this link to get the answers.  I used the first three as examples to get the guys understanding the idea.  Then they have about 30 seconds or so on each one.  The team that gets the most right wins.
  5. Cool cantilever, bro!

    Cool cantilever, bro!

    The Spaghetti Cantilever – This is the one guys still talk about.  We did it for the last event of the night and then had to do an encore of it the following year because guys wanted another shot at it.  Each team is given two boxes of uncooked spaghetti and two rolls of quality masking tape.  The team that makes the longest cantilever off the edge of their table wins.  As with the house of cards, there can be no support or help for the cantilever during measuring.  If the end of the cantilever touches the ground, that cantilever is disqualified.  It was amazing to see the different techniques employed by the groups (with varying degrees of success I might add!)

Those are five ideas of some things we did at our Fight Club.  You can google “Minute To Win It” games or other “youth games” for ideas.  Be creative, make it challenging and have a good time with it.

Do you have any other ideas for a Fight Club night?  Please take a minute to put them down in the comments below.  I’m always looking for good ideas.

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