Guest Post – It’s My Life….Kinda

This post originally appeared on, a blog run by Rick Carrol (bet you didn’t see that one coming).  Rick serves as a campus pastor for Portico church in Milton, Ontario.  When he isn’t sharing his wisdom with the world via his blog, Rick stays busy doing the pastoral work of going to Starbucks & out for lunch (according to his twitter page).  Enjoy!


How many tattoos?
How many bad relationships?
How many jobs quit?
How many kids leaving home or spouses leaving another
All because – it’s my life. Don’t tell me what to do with it. Some pretty terrible life choices are made everyday with this short sighted line of thinking that it’s my life and I can do with it a I please.
We deserve that right at least don’t we?


35 years ago my parents had a baby. They invested time, energy, love, discipline, care, and so much more into my life. They did whatever they could to help me learn what I needed to as I grew up. What kind of child do they deserve for their investment?
It’s not just my life. I’m their child.

12 Years ago I made a  commitment to my wife that said from this day forward, I choose to live a life completely devoted to making your life easier, more enjoyable and better. Our two lives are forever meshed together. What kind of partner does Amanda deserve in her life?
I’m no longer one person. I’m her husband.

4 years ago my life was forever changed by my daughter. She deserves 100% of my attention, love, care, support, correction, and accolades everyday. What kind of dad does Hope deserve?
I’m not just a guy. I’m her Father

2000 years ago Jesus fulfilled a plan that was in place before the beginning of time. He paid a price for the sin in  my life, buying my freedom with it. I’m only free because he bought it for me. What kind of gratitude does that deserve?
I walk free, but my life has been purchased.

Everyday, every choice I make affects my family, my faith, my job/employer and my world.
It’s my life. Kinda.
It’s a lot of other people’s lives as well.

Thanks for challenging our thinking on this popular, but wrong, mindset.  Keep up the good work, Rick.

2 Comments on “Guest Post – It’s My Life….Kinda”

  1. Rick September 23, 2014 at 7:59 am #

    Thanks for the re-post pipelinemen. And I do like Sbux. Lunch is pretty OK as well.

    • dougphaneuf September 23, 2014 at 8:53 am #

      Well if we are ever in close to the same neighborhood, we should get together for one of those things!

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