Good Reads – God In My Everything

In our busy, 21st century, North American life, it’s hard to remember that our world of speed, productivity and ever increasing demands is not the way everyone operates. We get sucked into a pace of life that constantly demands more and gives less thinking if we can just get ahead of it all, we will have peace. We become workaholics who miss out on so much of the life that’s right in front of us chasing a dream of a life that constantly out of reach. Have I depressed you yet? Sorry about that! But the good news is, I’m not just saying this to frustrate you but I have something I think might help.

The book, God In My Everything, by Ken Shigematsu, is one of the best, more helpful and most practical books I have read in a long time. It specifically deals with helping us, as followers of Christ, enjoy our walk with God in the midst of our fast-paced society. The subtitle of the book, “How an ancient rhythm helps busy people enjoy God,” gives an indication this book is going to be helpful.

God in my everything Shigematsu is refreshingly honest in telling his story of being a workaholic who discovers Christ and enters the ministry only to find he is still a workaholic as a pastor. At the invitation of a mentor, he goes on a spiritual pilgrimage to Ireland (I thought spiritual pilgrimage’s had to be to the Middle East too!) to spend time at a monestary. It is what he learns from the way these monks do life that changes how he lives and forms the basis of the book.

trellisThe first half of the book talks about creating a “rule of life,” which is simply a “rhythm of practices that empowers us to live well and grow more like Jesus by helping us experience God in everything.” The rules of life are built into a trellis which helps groups them and puts the three main ones in the vertical posts to show their significance.  In the second half, specific important areas of life are discussed individually to go into greater detail as to how a “rule of life” looks in each area.

I highly recommend this book, especially to anyone who consistently finds themselves rushing through life at “100 miles per hour with their hair on fire.” If that’s you and you are hungry for a different way of life that walks in more of God’s peace and joy, read this book and begin to discover God in your everything.

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