What You Can Learn From a Water Skiing Video

A couple of weeks ago, a friend showed me a very cool video of some guys water skiing.  These are not your average water skiers.  Take a couple if minutes to watch the video.

That is a pretty incredible video.  As I watched it, a few thoughts went through my mind.  First was, how did I not notice those guys filming me while I was on vacation?  Then I put my glasses on and realized I can’t do what they are doing.

Seriously though, that video did make me ponder a few things.  Let me share them with you.

First, guys are hard-wired for adventure.  Most, if not all, guys watching that video have the same reaction.  “That’s awesome!”  We admire guys who try something adventurous because, in each of our hearts, we yearn for the same experience.  The adventure may be different for different guys.  Some water ski, some hike up mountains, others play sports, hunt or something completely different.  The point is each of us are built with a longing to try something daring.  It was God who put that desire for adventure in your heart.  It is part of how He made you.  Step out some time and try something different and adventurous.  You will probably find yourself coming alive.

My second thought was that about how much work has to go into doing anything worthwhile.  I am pretty sure that video wasn’t taken the first time those guys tried barefoot skiing or doing pushups while being pulled behind a boat.  I would love to see the blooper video when the guy doing push ups goes  down too low and has 300 gallons of water squirt up his nose in .6 seconds!  It would have looked worse than this.

Watching those guys, it’s clear they have spent many hours getting dragged around a lake.  No one gets to the point where they can do those tricks without many hours of practice and wiping out and lots of nights spent massaging sore muscles.  The same rule applies to every part of our lives.  The old saying says, “If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.”  Doing it right means putting in the time and effort.  As men, especially men who have discovered the grace and help of God, we should endeavor to live in such a way that people who look at us see a life that is worth living.  That is never going to happen without the discipline of putting in the work.  Whatever it is God has put in your heart to do, put your whole heart into it.  As Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever y0ur hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

You may never do something that makes you a YouTube sensation but your families, friends and others are watching.  Live in such a way that people are as impressed with you as you were with those water skiers.


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