MM Profile – Family Worship Center (Whitecourt)

Dallas Bidell is the lead pastor of Family Worship Center in Whitecourt, Alberta.  His church has been actively involved in numerous types of ministry to men for a number of years. As part of our ongoing series on what different churches are doing to serve their men, I asked Dallas to send an update on how his church has done ministry to men. Below is what he had to say:


John, who has never talked in front of more than 4 people at a time, is standing there telling 20 guys about what God has done in his life recently. Several guys grunt their approval at several points in his story. He feels the love. Everyone goes home feeling stronger. This was the norm at monthly men’s breakfasts traditionally at the church.

Dallas, maverick thinker who figured out how to play hockey and call it ministry!

Dallas, maverick thinker who figured out how to play hockey and call it ministry!

Over time however, our Men’s Ministry has taken on several shapes and sizes as we have adapted to changing needs and desires among our men.

At one point, we had a father/son series of talks geared to help fathers teach their sons the principles of manhood from the Bible. In this series, we had a talk that both fathers and sons listened to together after a breakfast.  Then the dads would talk one on one with their sons about the topic presented.

We have also had times when we engaged our men in reaching out to our community in practical ways. This was very rewarding as we saw guys come out and open up in the process of blessing others. Swingin’ hammers and shoveling is a guy’s way of spreading the love.

For several years we rented the ice at the arena on Saturday nights and played pickup hockey. This was a great forum for guys to invite unsaved friends and coworkers to come out and rub shoulders (sometimes literally) with Christian men. The only overtly Christian component in these nights was the prayer at centre ice that everyone joined in before the game began.

For a number of years now we have had a men’s bible study on Wednesday nights. This is a time when men can speak to each other openly about the stuff going on in their lives and search the scriptures together for the answers. Many guys have found this group to be very helpful to their spiritual growth. Currently we have incorporated “Facetime” into that group so that guys who are working out of town can still be part of it.

We also meet once per month on a Saturday morning at a restaurant with the men who just enjoy eating and spending time together. This is another low threshold event for new men to come to as an entry point into our church and men’s ministry.

In summary, I am convinced what has consistently driven our men’s ministry forward is the heart of our men, which burns for those outside the church.


Thanks for the great ideas and out of the box thinking Dallas.  Keep up the great work leading your church and your men!



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