MOVE Conference Announcement

A number of weeks ago, I asked you to mark the dates of the upcoming MOVE conferences on your calendar so you could make sure to attend.  I recognize that none of you have any idea what the MOVE conference is all about so planning on attending was a step of faith.  Well, today I am very excited to fill in some of the details that you may be wondering about.  Hopefully this will convince you this day will be worth attending with the men in your church and I wont have to go to extreme measures like hypnosis.

You will come to MOVE!  You will come to MOVE! You will come to MOVE!

You will come to MOVE!
You will come to MOVE!
You will come to MOVE!

Seriously though, let me share with you some of the reasons why you should attend MOVE.

  1. We are bringing the conference to you.  The team of guys who work to lead men’s ministry in our district believe very strongly in the importance of helping men reach their potential in life and faith.  It is this conviction that caused us to make the decision to start regional conferences which would make it easier and less expensive for men to attend.
  2. This is going to be a different type of conference, designed to engage men in a new way.  We are trying some different things in an effort to meet men where they are while encouraging them to step out into what God is calling them to.
  3. We want your feedback on how to improve MOVE.  We spent quite a bit of time putting this day together and are believing it is going to have a great impact on everyone who comes.  At the same time though, this is a new endeavor and there will be ways to make it better.  By coming out, not only will you and your men hopefully be moved (see what I did there) but also we hope to hear from you on how to make the next one even better.
  4. It will give you an opportunity to go on a road trip with the men from your church.  Who doesn’t like a good road trip!

So now that I have you sold on the idea of bringing your men to MOVE.  Simply click MoveConferenceFlyer to print the registration form and start talking to your men about coming out.  The cost is only $30 and that includes lunch.  That’s the best deal you have been offered so far today!

Registration is open, so find out which men are coming, fill out the form and sign up.

See you there!


2 Comments on “MOVE Conference Announcement”

  1. Norm Bishop May 30, 2014 at 8:21 am #

    Very cool!

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